Saturday, September 10, 2005

Pale Male Jr.'s kids -- latest report and photos

Bruce Yolton, one of the principal chroniclers of the 2005 Trump Parc redtail family, sends in the latest report and some recent photos:

The young Trump Parc hawks have been growing up fast and are now over three months old. Sightings this week include a wide area of the southern park and into the city west of Central Park West (CPW). The playground construction area is no longer the focus of their attention. Their territory has expanded northward and they have been seen around a number of Central Park landmarks this past week including: the Sheep Meadow, the Carousel, the Mall, the Heckscher Ball Fields and the waterfall at the edge of the Hallett Nature Sanctuary.

They're both able to easily fly 20-30 stories high now. Usually the young hawks seem to be flying alone but they are sometimes seen flying with their father. They've also begun to explore the buildings on Central Park West, often with their father close by. On one day, one of the young hawks was high above CPW and 65th Street on a roof top railing being harassed by a Northern Mockingbird [see first photo] whose territory includes the section of the park just south of Tavern on the Green. I was amazed to see that the Mockingbird had followed the Hawk up 13 stories!

Two days later, a young hawk and its father were seen flying down Central Park West from 69th Street to Columbus Circle. The young hawk stopped to perch on an open window at 63rd and CPW, about 25 flights up [see third photo].

[All photos by Bruce Yolton].