Friday, November 18, 2005

NOTE TO MY READERS: I'm going on a trip this afternoon [to my native country now called Czech Republic]. So there will be a pause in my daily postings. I hope to resume on Saturday, Nov. 26. But I've found an incredible replacement, if your computer can manage it. It will not enhance your knowledge of Central Park, but there is a slight connection with the park in that the person who alerted me to it, Eleanor Tauber, is a Central Park friend and also an Early Birder. She sent me a link to an absolutely amazing website -- a webcam showing an African waterhole and the wildlife that avails itself of it. You get sights and sounds -- live. The link, and Eleanor's introductory note, are below.

From Eleanor:

Here’s the Pete’s Pond website. You may have to download RealPlayer if you don’t have it yet, but there is a free version offered.

Once you access the cam at the pond, you can make your window larger by clicking on the green circle in the upper left.

Botswana is 6 hrs. ahead of us. The very best viewing time for us is from around midnight on for a couple hours [dawn there]. Also, late afternoon in Botswana about 4, which means 10 a.m.- ish viewing here.

I’m completely hooked! I also go on the blog, which often contains knowledgeable information from staff people working with the animals there.


PS from Marie-- Somehow, I couldn't get the whole link into one line -- it kept running over the screen, which I know causes major problems for readers.

Here's the best thing to do. Click on the first line. You'll get to the National Geographic website. There you'll find a box for LIVE WILDCAM. Click on that. Then bookmark the thing when you get there so you can return again and again.

PPS I just saw an elephant family arrive at Pete's Pond, Mom, Dad and two kids. It was wildly interesting to watch them drink. Then the baby nursed! Then a herd of little antelopes of some kind arrived. I could go on and on...