Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Useful new link

A few years ago Rebekah Creshkoff and I, with the help of many top Central Park birdwatchers, put together a checklist of Central Park birds for the C.P. Conservancy. The Conservancy made the list available, for free, at Belvedere Castle, the Dairy, the Dana Center at the Harlem Meer and perhaps other park locations. When the first printing ran out we did a revision -- again with the help of the birdwatcher committee [listed on the checklist]-- and again the list was handed out at various park locales. But when the next printing ran out that was it. The list has been unavailable for the last few years.

NOW ... [sound the trumpets]... you can get this useful list -- again at no cost -- by clicking the first item on the LINKS page of this website.

PS: The cover illustration of the list was made by Ed Lam, whose work you may have seen on numbers of occasions on the cover of the New York Times Book Review section, and whose book on Northeast Damselflies is "a small masterpiece", in the words of E.O Wilson. You'll also find Ed's website on the LINKS page.