Wednesday, November 02, 2005

The source of the Finnegan Squirrel story

 Penny Bianchi read Bill Trankle's warning about  releasing Finnegan, a dog- and people-friendly squirrel, into the wild. She tracked down the story and found it came from a CBS News online release posted on October 14th. [see link below.] I see in the story that Debby Cantlon does, indeed, plan to release the squirrel eventually. I'll try to contact the show and see if I can reach Debbie. But perhaps a reader of this website has some contacts at CBS News. Actually, I just thought of a CBS correspondent I know. I'll try her first.

Dear Marie,

Hi! I think this was the source and maybe you might know how to contact them to contact her! No question that she cannot let this squirrel go! A pet squirrel is right!!!

Thanks so your website!


Your friend,
Penny Bianchi