Monday, January 23, 2006

Grand Horned Omnipotence

GHO preening -- 1/22/06
photo by Bruce Yolton

Today's bulletin just in from Chris K. who walks her dog Fig daily in the North Woods:

Hi Marie,

The GHO is still perching on the same tree.


Meanwhile Bruce Yolton, rapidly becoming the point person for the Central Park Great Horned Owl, sends yesterday's news:

On Sunday, the Great Horned Owl was in the North Woods for the second day. It had chosen a much safer location than its Saturday tree. It was in a much quieter and more secluded area. It had also chosen a higher perch.

Unlike on Saturday, when the owl was wide awake and alert most of the afternoon, on Sunday the owl for the most part looked to be sleeping, opening its eyes and turning its head only on a few occasions when I saw it around 2 p.m.

If you bird in the North Woods, please keep the noise levels down around the Great Horned, keep your distance and avoid flash photography. We have a day sleeper who needs some shuteye as our guest! Let's be good hosts.