Sunday, February 12, 2006

Quick screech update during the Big Blizzard of '06

Photo: N.Y. Times - 2/12/06

It was snowing lightly at 5:50 last night when the male Screech-owl left his hole in the West Drive London Plane. Martha, Mitch, Jean, Donna, Barbara, Helen, Lee, Noreen and I -- owl addicts all -- waited for a half hour longer, hoping to see the female owl fly out. She didn't appear. I guess she was waiting for a home delivery.

Today a Nor'easter has arrived, blanketing the city with snow. It's 3 pm and still snowing. People are skiing on the streets of Manhattan.I don't think I'm the only one thinking and worrying about the owls and other Central Park critters. . But I know I'll miss the fly-out tonight. I don't have skis or snoeshoes and I left my boots in my office downtown.