Sunday, April 15, 2007

Pale Male & Lola: suspense building

Latest photos of Riverside Park Red-headed Woodpecker
Photos by Lysiane Ribeiro M.D.

Frustrating difficulties with the provider of this page -- -- and other life circumstances, have led to a week's hiatus. Hope everything goes swimmingly with this new version of Blogger. It will probably look the same when you see it on your computer screens, but requires going through a few new hoops for me. What was it about old dogs and new tricks? I never believed that saying...

Latest update [two hours later]-- thanks to Cal Vornberger I think I've gotten to the heart of my problem-- I just switched from Netscape to Firefox and everything is working perfectly! Photos upload like a dream. Wow.

On to the subject so many of you are waiting to hear about. What's going on with the nest?

According to Jim Lewis, a hawkwatcher since 1995 and the creator of the valuable chart I posted recently, History of the Fifth Avenue Red-tailed Hawks, the window of opportunity for hatching opens tomorrow, April 16. If they eggs are to hatch [please please please] it should happen no later than April 22. After that we'll have to reconcile ourselves to another chickless season.

I'll keep you posted!

As for the spring migration in Central Park, everything seems to be proceeding according to schedule: On Saturday the Palm Warbler was reported at the Tripplet's Bridge, following the arrivals of the Pine Warbler and the Louisiana Waterthrushin recent weeks.

Bird song is getting louder throughout the park -- House Finches and Goldfinches singing as well as robin caroling everywhere, Cardinals, titmice, nuthatches singing their breeding songs. I have been hearing many more chickadee fee-bee songs than I remember from recent years. Flickers loudly calling, woodpeckers drumming and whinnying.

There's a beautiful Common Loon in breeding plumage at the Reservoir--been there for quite a while. I'll try to upload a photo of the bird on this page. [Note: Just tried to upload an image, any image. Failed. Grrrrr.]

Oh yes, the red-headed woodpecker on Riverside Drive. Saw it yesterday.