Saturday, April 07, 2007

Report with no photos.

Cedar Waxwings have been around for a few weeks. They seem early; last year they didn't arrive until the end of April. Lloyd Spitalnik has a great picture of a waxwing, and many other birds on his website --Http://

David Speiser sent me some fine photos of Phoebes , a Chipping Sparrow, a Song Sparrow and other early migrants, which you can find on Cal Vornbergers Http:// website, FORUMS page. David is listed there as Toucan 10000.

Lysiane Ribeiro M.D., a website correspondent, sent me a fantastic photo of a ring-necked pheasant she sighted at Hernshead two days ago. Unfortunately the photo's not available on any website.

Why am I NOT posting these wonderful photos? Because the chronic problems I have always had with uploading photos through the provider of this page,, seem to have worsened. I used to be able to post photos of some photographers and not others. Now I can't seem to post ANY photos at all.

Sorry. Many thanks, nevertheless, to the photographers who send me great pictures. I'll keep trying to post them. One of these days I hope to get a different website provider.