Thursday, May 03, 2007


O.k., dear readers, how many of you can figure out the identity of this prehistoric-looking creature opening his gaping beak, with spring green and the blue sky of a nice spring day in the background.

This photo was taken in Central Park. It was taken today. The photographer is whiz-kid birder and photographer David Speiser, who just e-mailed me the picture and made my jaw drop almost as wide as the bird's in the photo above.

Take out your Sibleys and...Name That Bird. [If you are among the lucky few to have actually seen the creature in Central Park today, you are hereby disqualified from this contest.]

Hint: This bird HAS been seen in the park before. But it doesn't show up often.

Second hint: The picture in Sibley [or Peterson, or Geo] won't help much. For one thing, the Field Guide birds ihave their mouths [and sometimes their eyes] shut.