Thursday, May 03, 2007

Non-warblers worth noting

David Speiser sends in some recent photos with a note saying: I think it is important for birders to realize that Spring migration is not only about warblers.
Note from Marie:
As it happens yesterday was a wonderful birding day, when 24, yes, TWENTY-FOUR species of warblers were seen in Central Park by many, many birdwatchers. You can check the warblers, and other birds seen yesterday on that valuable resource, the New York City Birding Report site --
Here are three beautiful non-warblers currently stopping over in Central Park. [Some of the orioles will stay and raise families in the park]

Field Sparrow

Eastern Towhee

Baltimore Oriole

All photos taken on May 2 by DAVID SPEISER

Another special non-warbler, probably an annual visitor to Central Park but VERY hard to find, is the Whippoorwill. This year one was found, sleeping and blending into the scenery as usual, on April 30. The photo below is by LLOYD SPITALNIK