Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Other babies nearby

Inwood Hill Park Mom & two chicks - 4/28/07
This and next photo by Bruce Yolton, with many more pix on his website

Three chicks at Highbridge Park in Upper Manhattan
Two chicks at Queens / NYCAudubon nest 4/28/07 and letter from Jeff Kolbrunner. [Click on his link to see a great webcam of the nest!]
Photo by Jeff Kollbrunner


I want to thank you for posting the information regarding the NYC Audubon sponsored Queens, NY Hawkcam currently running on my website http://www.jknaturegallery.com This was very nice of you and we are honored to be mentioned. Everyone that follows this pair and the other magnificent red-tails throughout NY is one big extended family that has their favorite pair. We also follow Pale Male & Lola closely and are saddened by their situation the last few years.

We hope that the Hawkcam in Queens may provide the fans of Pale Male & Lola another avenue for some enjoyment this hawk nesting season. We are fortunate to have been able to gain both the approval and sponsorship for this wonderful project to show the full cycle of the red-tail hawk nesting process. We want to welcome everyone from your site to share in the experience of our red-tail family Mama and Papa as they raise their young.

The two youngsters were two weeks old on April 26th. The Hawkcam can be viewed twenty four hours a day. As chance would have it the nest was constructed under a bright light and the camera sensitivity provides images at all hours.