Saturday, May 12, 2007

PM and Lola update

The egg retrieval is on the schedule at last. I've heard from someone at DEC who gave me that information. It will be done soon and we hope it will be in time for the microscopic analysis we've been hoping for, the one revealing if the eggs were fertilized or not.

I'll report here as soon as I hear any news.

PS A large percentage of Central Park's hawkwatchers support the idea of egg retrieval even before the hawks abandon the nest. Nobody relishes the idea of disturbing the birds even for the brief time the procedure will take. But all hawk experts assure us that it causes no harm to the birds, only brief stress. Meanwhile it might lead to action that could help Pale Male & Lola nest successfully next year.

One hawkwatcher, however, wrote me: Haven’t we humans done enough to them, what with tearing down the old nest and putting up a cradle? Is our need to know so great that we’ll put these hawks we’re supposed to love through additional stress? Why can’t we just let them be?

My answer is: No, we haven't done enough. If we have made a mistake [or mistakenly supported a mistake made by others] we must now do our best to help undo it. Finding out if the eggs were fertilized, and if they were, trying to figure out how we can adjust the cradle so it does not interfere with incubation, is our responsibility now. We can't just throw our arms in the air and cry 'Haven't we done enough?