Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Migrants migrants migrant

All the birds below were in Central Park yesterday or the day before. But none of them were there this morning. Indeed, very few birds to be seen of any sort. A quiet day. Meanwhile, news had spread about the rare and exciting sighting of the Kentucky warbler yesterday, on the south side of the path in Strawberry Fields. So scores of birdwatchers were looking for it this morning. The beautiful warbler did not oblige with his presence.

Kentucky Warbler [!]- May 7, 2007 --at Strawberry Fields
Photo by Lloyd Spitalnik - http://www.lloydspitalnikphotos.com

Spotted Sandpiper - May 7, 2007
Photo by David Speiser

Prairie Warbler - May 7, 2007
Photo by David Speiser

Indigo Bunting, May 6, 2007
Photo by David Speiser

PS Why so few birds today? Answer: The winds were unfavorable. A mass of songbirds heading north is probably clogged up somewhere to the south waiting for good southwest or southerly winds to give them that needed northward push. You can be sure that when the winds become favorable there will be A BIG DAY in Central Park.