Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Romeo and Juliet: the comedy

Grackles lnear West End Ave. last December- photo: Bruce Yolton

Carolyn Kay posted this on e-birds:

At the opening gala for Shakespeare in the Park's Romeo and Juliet a week ago
, guests were seated at tables on the lawn in front of the theater for a preshow dinner. A fledgling grackle decided that the abundance of gourmet food was too good to pass up. She started flying from table to table, startling the well- dressed guests. The young bird would climb up the side of a tree trying to get a good look at the plates of food. Attempts to target a meal didn't work out so well - s/he wasn't on the guest list! Mom and Pop were hopping from tree to tree keeping a proud eye on the youngster. When I saw the flustered bus boys trying to nab the bird in a napkin (!), it was time to rescue it from being rescued. They were relieved to know that the bird was ok, but, they insisted on trying to help it back up into the tree hoping it would leave the guests to enjoy their dessert! A happy ending for the grackle and even for romeo and juliet because it started pouring rain just after Juliet's tonic to sleep scene!

PS from Marie: So the star-crossed lovers didn't die that night, did they. Another reason to call it a comedy.