Thursday, September 20, 2007

A thank-you note to readers

Connecticut Warbler -- photo by David Speiser on 9/18/07

Mourning Warbler, photo by David Speiser

Mourning Warbler -- photo by David Speiser

Dear Readers,

Since this is not a personal blog, but a Central Park nature report, I try to avoid too much me me me. But I knew as soon as I stepped into the plane that would take me to Prague [again without my computer], that I should have told readers that I'd be gone for another week. Nevertheless it didn't occur to me that anyone would WORRY.

Thanks for worrying. And sorry.


PS In case you're wondering about Prague [and since I'm off and running about me me me]

1. I was born there and was visiting beloved relatives.
2. Monday September 17 was the world premiere of a film my husband [Allan Miller] made, and I also worked on, called House of Life, about the Old Jewish Cemetery in Prague.

PPS The day before I left I handed in the manuscript for Central Park in the Dark. Phew. Still a lot of work left to do, but it's in. It will be out next spring. Some parts of it appeared on these pages, in slightly different form. You were there first.

Now, back to Central Park nature news. The two photos at the top are of recent fall visitors to the park belonging to a group of warblers called the Oporornis genus. These are very secretive birds that lurk in dense vegetation on the ground and are therefore very hard to find. David Speiser found them and photographed them.-- and many others did too. I asked him to send a few words helping people distinguish one species from the other. I'll post them when they come in.