Thursday, January 17, 2008

Pale Male and Lola's nest

Last week I spoke to Glenn Phillips, executive director of NYC Audubon, hoping to find out more about the organization' s plans for Pale Male and Lola's nest site. He explained the NYC Audubon's reluctance to make public their work on this project, fearing that delicate relations with the Nest Building's powers-that-be [who must allow access] might be jeopardized by a flood of letter from readers, etc. Once again he assured me that they are moving ahead with the project.

Today Glenn sent me a statement approved by the NYC Audubon board for sending out to the public. They are posting it on their website, and I am posting it here immediately. I think it's a good first step, the beginning of communication with the waiting world. I hope more information will be forthcoming soon. But PLEASE be patient. Even though the breeding season is about to begin, whatever steps might be taken to modify the nest site, or cradle, can be undertaken up until the point at the beginning of March when incubation begins. Here's the statement:

Late this fall, NYC Audubon embarked on a project to understand what factors may have contributed to the lack of propagation over the past three 3 hawk season. We have enlisted the help of local and out-of-state red-tail experts to review the field observations, pictures and other data gathered over the years and as recently as earlier this month. Our primary objective is to understand what may be behind this outcome to date. We all hope this spring will be a new beginning!

Glenn Phillips

Executive Director

New York City Audubon