Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Riverside Redtails: Lookin' good

John Blakeman writes:

The posting [yesterday-3/3/08] on www.palemale.com of the Riverside Park nest was gratifying. It has reached a much larger size, closer to Red-tail nests that are typically successful.

From the hawk standing on the nest, I extrapolated its size to the nest itself. The nest is presently about 24 inches across the top, which is very adequate. It's about 14 inches deep, which is still a bit shallow. But it's still only the first days in March and more sticks will be brought to the nest in the next two or three weeks, before eggs are laid.

I'm very encouraged by this photo. The pair looks like it's diligently attempting to nest, not just going through the motions as do so many young, first-time Red-tail nesters.

Lookin' good.

--John Blakeman