Sunday, April 27, 2008

Hatches happening elsewhere

Photo by Robert B Schmunk
who sends in an update on local nesting redtails:


You have probably noted postings on Lincoln Karim and Bruce Yolton's websites the past few days about red-tail hatches in Manhattan, but here's a summary:

Houston St. - Just hatched. Lincoln has posted pix showing one nestling and apparently a couple more eggs not yet hatched.

Riverside Park - May have hatched as early as Tue or Wed. I'm not sure that anyone has gotten pix of a nestling yet, although feedings have been observed. But Donna Browne has reported that a nearby resident took a telescope up to a rooftop Friday and was able to distinguish two babies.

Highbridge Park - Bruce reported on Thursday that the parents were standing on the edge of the nest and behaving like they had a new nestling within. I visited there today and caught a feeding at 4:00. Unfortunately, a paper or plastic bag woven into the edge of the nest blocked my view, but as the feeding went on for almost 15 minutes, I am inclined to say there is more than one nestling.

Inwood Hill Park - Both Bruce and I observed the female sitting very high in the nest today, but I lucked out in that at 5:30, a nestling sat up and stretched its neck to look back at mama. See attached pic (which came out rather fuzzy as I juggled binoculars and camera). Even at 300 feet, its little beak is visible. Given that this nestling was able to poke its head up as high as it did, I believe that it's a week old andso Inwood claims the first Manhattan hatch this year.

Elsewhere, the Cathedral nest is now moving into its hatch window.I don't know the status at CCNY or Seventh Ave.