Monday, April 21, 2008

Beauty and the Hawks

Photo by Ardith Bondi -- 4/19/08

Ardith Bondi, a flutist, photographer and a Central Park Regular, sends in a report on warblers and the Fifth Avenue Hawks as seen on Saturday. She also included a fabulous photo of the latest warbler arrival. See my previous post about yesterday [Sunday] at the Hawk Bench.. Somehow, hope refuses to stay down...
Hi Marie-

This pretty little Prairie Warbler was catching big bugs on The Point yesterday afternoon.

By the way, I sat on the Hawk Bench for at least an hour on Saturday afternoon, and Lola kept checking something under her. Rik agreed that this was unusual behavior. The eggs may have started to hatch then. It was also about the time the Pope was coming up Fifth Ave and a couple of helicopters were hovering overhead. Pale Male finally flew from his building perch, but Lola didn't seem perturbed at all by all the noise. I guess they've weathered lots of parades (and demonstrations...).

Let's keep our fingers crossed that we see more evidence of chicks today.

Best, Ardith