Sunday, October 05, 2008


PS to yesterday's sighting: The warbler was seen again today- SUNDAY 10/5/08. Phil Jeffrey had a sighting in the Pinetum just a little after noon. Below, an earlier posting

Connecticut Warbler - 10/4/08
A secretive bird of the genus Oporornis, the Connecticut Warbler is rarely sighted in Central Park, and then usually just for a moment as it darts in and out of thick, dense vegetation. Rarely does it come out into the open and pose for photographers, as it did yesterday for DAVID SPEISER

Bravo, David!

PS The bird was discovered around 12:30 at Sparrow Rock by Jack Meyer. It hung around until about 1:15. Then, as Oporornis warblers do, it vanished.

PPS The other warblers in that elusive genus are the Kentucky, the Mourning, and MacGillivray's.