Friday, October 02, 2009

Readers weigh in

Wild Turkey, Sept. 2008 photo by Charlie

Re post of 9/29
One of the park's most regular Regulars, Jack Meyer, writes:

Since I saw Bruce's PS re the Wild Turkey's fate, I thought I should put my oar in. Unless there were two turkeys, which some people claimed, (although none whom I spoke to saw them both at once) I think some were confused by the fact that during part of its stay with us the bird was molting; it arrived considerably more than a year ago. I first saw a turkey in the Ramble on June 28, and frequently after that. A hurried and likely incomplete search of eBird archives turns up reports from other birders on June 22, July 15, and July 22 plus several throughout September.

Re post of 9/30: Reader Chris Lyons writes in a correction. [The mistake was mine, not David Speiser's]:

The second Pine Warbler photo is actually of a fall-plumaged Chestnut-sided Warbler.
The first Pine Warbler photo may not be a Pine Warbler either, but I honestly don't know. Pines, Blackpolls, and Baybreasteds are all very tough to ID in the fall. Chestnut-sided is usually a snap, though. Anyway, that's a gorgeous picture, however you label it. :)