Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Stop the presses

Photographer Murray Head reports on an exciting story he witnessed [and photographed] today:

Hi Marie,

Whilst in the park today...
a French couple led me to a Red-tail they had just photographed about 50 feet West of the Summer House.

When I arrived, and seconds before he flew off I photographed him.
In his talon appears to be what I am told is an Eastern Cottontail.

He flew to another tree about a 50 yards away and shortly after he landed something dropped to the ground. I went over to see and it was indeed a rabbit that he had captured... I'd rather not be too descriptive.

I stopped two conservancy people and asked them to take away the remains. Eric told me that Central Park has not know wild rabbits for decades. (He said it could possibly be a pet that was released in the park) But it also could as well be... THE BUNNIES ARE BACK!

As for this Bunny... he is now Hawk.



PS from Marie

Actually, as I recall, there have been a few cottontail sightings in the park more recently than "decades" ago. I'll try to nail the dates. Nevertheless it is a VERY rare sighting.