Saturday, October 29, 2011

Metamorphosis or Myth?

My friend the photographer Murray Head is dubious. I will let him present his case to you and you can judge for yourselves:

Truth Out!

On Tuesday October 18 you reported a story entitled "Monarch of the Conservatory Garden." That story seems to support and perpetuate the "Metamorphosis" theory.

Now that idea has always sounded quite far fetched, so I went to the Conservatory Garden this afternoon [October 20] to do a little first hand investigation...and take a close look.

Now I am supposed to believe that this guy (a caterpillar)
goes to sleep...

and wakes up this!?

Just look at the number of feet, wrong color and
not a hint at wings... come on.

Then there is the "chrysalis"... from whence he magically emerges.
I asked a Conservancy zone gardener if he knew how it got there.
He did not! (I suspect it's a plant.)

Checking around I took a few more picture pictures...

I remain dubious.


All pictures today, except the last which was taken earlier.

Photos and captions by MURRAY HEAD

To be continued...