Tuesday, July 24, 2012

The Baby Hawks -- Sad News

7/23/12 [yesterday] one of the two sick babies. Photo courtesy of PaleMale.com

Wildlife photographer and friend Murray Head just sent me the following news about two of the three baby hawks that hatched late last April and early May in Pale Male's historic nest on Fifth Avenue:

Dear Marie,

Two are sick.

See Lincoln's statement on his site. [www.PaleMale.com]

One good thing is one of the babies is with Cathy Horvath [a wildlife rehabilitator - mw] and she says
the baby is being cared for and treated. They are waiting for a report on
The blood work.

Sorry to be the bearer of sad news but I thought you should know.


PS from Marie:

According to Lincoln Karim [Be sure you check out the PaleMale.com site for important details] rat poison placed on the outskirts of the park by one of the local museums or by the management of buildings on the park's perimeter is the culprit. We should have confirmation of this from blood tests soon. A public outcry thereafter will undoubtedly make a difference for the fate of future Central Park wildlife. More about this soon.