Thursday, October 18, 2012

Another moth lover

Beth Bergmann  []  took the amazing photo above of a Palm Warbler with an about-to-be consumed moth.

What speciers of moth? I couldn't figure it out, so resorted to one of my favorite identifying resources: The BugGuide [] But even the experts there couldn't come up with a positive ID.  One of their identifiers wrote me back:

Sorry, but it's too small for me to hazard a guess. Judging the size of the wing in relation to the body, means most of the wing is gone, along with field marks. Whatever it is, there are a few clues. It's relatively large and has orange wings with a small orbicular spot near the basal area. Looks vaguely familiar. Maybe someone else will recognize. I do agree on your ID of the Palm Warbler :)

Any ideas, anyone?