Monday, October 08, 2012

Blue Grosbeak TODAY

photo of Blue Grosbeak by LLOYD SPITALNIK - 2006

[via David Barrett and  eBirdsNYC]:

Lenore Swenson's group responded to a 10:36 AM text alert from Kellye Rosenheim, Pat Pollack, and others of a BLUE GROSBEAK perched in a tree just west of the Maintenance Meadow lawn. The cooperative bird remained there and gave good, close looks to all. 

Other highlights from the Ramble:

Gadwall (Turtle Pond)
Osprey (flyover)
Yellow-bellied Sapsucker (15+, seen everywhere)
Eastern Phoebe (5+)
Red-eyed Vireo (Maintenance Meadow)
Black-capped Chickadee (several)
White-breasted Nuthatch (5)
Carolina Wren
Golden-crowned Kinglet
Ruby-crowned Kinglet
Swainson's Thrush
Brown Thrasher
Cedar Waxwing (in fruiting trees all over)
Black-and-white Warbler
Northern Parula
Magnolia Warbler
American Redstart
Blackpoll Warbler
Black-throated Blue Warbler
Palm Warbler (seen frequently)
Yellow-rumped Warbler (abundant)
Eastern Towhee (heard and seen frequently)
Chipping Sparrow
Field Sparrow (Sparrow Rock)
Purple Finch (several, east side of Maintenance)
American Goldfinch