Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Hooded Warbler & PS

The report below was sent to eBirdsnyc this morning. It came from John McD. and announced the arrival of new [and beautiful] warbler: the Hooded Warbler:

Hooded Warbler -- Central Park - 4-21-2009
photo by DAVID SPEISER  http://www.lilibirds.com

"It was a quiet morning in the Ramble this morning, with the highlight being a male Hooded Warbler, to the south of Azalea Pond.

Other migrants included...
Blue-grey gnatcatcher (2-3; N. end of Bow bridge)
Palm warbler (1; N. end of Bow bridge)
Black and white warbler (1; point)
Brown creeper
Golden-crowned kinlget
Ruby-crowned kinglet

Happy birding,

PS from Marie: I can't seem to locate the name of the photographer who took the great photo above. If you are the one, or know who took it, please let me know and I'll post a photo credit pronto.