Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Today's [WEDNESDAY] reports

Fox Sparrow - photo by LLOYD SPITALNIK - Central PArk - 3/15/2006

Ethan Goodman writes  [via ebirdsnyc] at 10:10 this morning::

Decent numbers in a quick walk from upper lobe through ramble, to castle and up to Pinetum, but not a whole lot of diversity. Palm Warblers are now showing in numbers approaching if not exceeding RC Kinglets. Lots of Flickers and Hermit Thrushes everywhere. More Swamp and Chipping Sparrows and a bit fewer Song Sparrows (but still lots). White-throated Sparrows showing nice color now.

Other notables:

Yellow-rumped Warbler (3 @ Upper Lobe and scattered elsewhere)
Blue-headed Vireo (upper lobe in willow)
Field Sparrow (pinetum)
Eastern Towhee (male and female @ pinetum)
Pine Warbler (finally! @ pinetum)
Winter Wren (upper lobe, pinetum)

David Barrett  [ ] writes  [via ebirdsnyc] at 10:29 this morning:

Highlight of the morning was finding a pair of BLUE-WINGED TEAL on the Lake, east of Hernshead near the opposite shore, at 8:45 a.m. The last eBird record of this species in Central Park was four years ago.

I also had RUSTY BLACKBIRD at the Gill and on Azalea Pond. Chris Cooper pointed out a flyover GREEN HERON. 

Chris Cooper writes  [via ebirdsnyc]at 11:21 this morning:

Adding to Ethan's and David's lists for the Ramble area today:

PURPLE FINCH (4 feeding high in trees of Azalea pond, 8:30 AM; then flew W towards Mugger's Woods)
BG Gnatcatcher (1--S of Humming Tombstone)
Fox Sparrow (2--the Gill, Mugger's Woods)
Brown Thrasher (1--Mugger's Woods)
Brown Creeper

A greater variety of birds in much greater numbers; a vast improvement over yesterday. Thanks to David for the teals, which were smashing.