Monday, April 08, 2013

Palm Warbler in Pinetum! and PS

Palm Warbler - Central Park - April 7, 2010

 Tom Fiore reports on yesterday's birds:

Sunday, 7 April, 2013 - Central Park, Manhattan, N.Y. City

Some warbler activity "finally", albeit somewhat minimal...but at least two of the expected early arrivals, Louisiana Waterthrush all day long at the Loch (or Ravine as some prefer to call it) in the park's north end, & a couple (at least) of Pine Warbler with some initial sightings in & around the Pinetum areas near W. 85-86 St. south of the reservoir & transverse road thru the park.  Also noted were a modest (or great, depending on the most recent visitation to Central one may have had) increase of species having been around lately such as Yellow-bellied Sapsucker, E. Phoebe, Golden-crowned Kinglet, & a few of the also-wintering sparrow species plus Field Sparrow.  In Central, the Brown Thrasher and a few E. Towhees are still those that overwintered there. A few Hermit Thrush (& just a tad more notably a few Gray Catbirds) also wintered in Central, but some Hermit Thrush may well be newly-arrived and of course many more very soon will be.  One additional sign of spring in Central Park: far, far more birders out & about in the park, & some including yours truly wandering the woods & glades to late in the day... with a temperature at least above 50F.!

Black-capped Chickadee and Tufted Titmouse numbers remain as they've been all thru the winter, fairly high... some of each regularly seen out in street trees as well as the city parks.

Good & warmer birding,

Tom Fiore,

Ethan Goodman sent in a report to ebirdsnyc at 9:30 this morning: 

Looks like the southerly winds have brought a wave in. Very birdy this
morning in my brief walk, especially w/sparrows. Notables, in general descending order of frequency:

Song Sparrow (everywhere, 30+ feeding on Maintenance Meadow alone)
N. Flicker (very numerous)
Swamp Sparrow (many in vicinity of Azalea Pond)
Hermit Thrush
Golden-crowned kinglet (6+)
Ruby-crowned kinglet (Azalea Pond & Pinetum)
Winter Wren (Azalea Pond)
Eastern Phoebe (2 @ Pinetum)
Palm Warbler (2 @ Pinetum)
Field Sparrow (grass btwn Shakespeare Garden and Castle)
Hairy Woodpecker (grass btwn Shakespeare Garden and Castle)
YB Sapsucker (Belvedere Castle)
Brown Creeper (Pinetum)

PS from Marie - Note the date of the photograph - April 7, 2010.  The Pine Warbler is a very predictable migrant, obviously.

PPS - The highlighting is mine, not Tom's or Ethan's. Just wanted to emphasize that Pine Warbler.