Sunday, April 07, 2013

Great Egret, continued

photo by Cathy Weiner -- Great Egret at Central Park Reservoir - 4/4/13

An e-mail letter from a new birdwatcher, Cathy Weiner, arrived on Friday [4/5/13] . She wrote:
Hi Marie, 

I am new to bird watching and was happy to come across your blog. I check it often and wrote at the end of March that the Great Egret was back at the duck pond. ...
I noticed the comment on the egret yesterday and when I was up at the reservoir, I was surprised to see it there. I am attaching  [a photo I took] yesterday at the reservoir. 
As I mentioned I am new to bird watching and photography so please excuse the photos - but I thought you would like to see them as proof.

Cathy Weiner

Her photo is above. Here's what I replied:

No need to apologize for your photography.  It's beautiful! I will definitely post your Reservoir shot. 
That will be of great interest to people following this story. Many thanks.