Saturday, April 27, 2013

Seen TODAY [Saturday]

Yellow-throated Vireo -- image from:

Pat Pollock reports:

4/27/13, Saturday
(some of birds @ Loch area seen with Bok Kow & Lee)

Yellow-throated Vireo
  atop tall yellow leafy tree along northern side of Loch midway -  spotted by Isiah and      
              also seen by his father & me - about 11 or so;
Northern Waterthrush along Loch
Swamp Sparrow
Winter Wren
Yellow-rumped Warblers Meer & Loch
Black & White Warblers, several
Blue-headed Vireo
Chipping Sps. large flock grassy areas south of Meer
1 Song Sparrow
Hermit Thrushes
Red-bellied Woodpecker
Great Egret Duck Is.