Monday, March 17, 2014

Fan mail re "duckage"

On Mar 17, 2014, at 9:33 AM, amy campbell wrote:
From a long-time correspondent, AMY CAMPBELL:

 Hi Marie  and Murray across the latitudes and years,

I loved the  duckage of yesterday and the Beatles quote.  I had the exact same thought yesterday watching a neat collection of species feeding on something that I could not find that was dropping from trees.  They were all hopping and dashing in an area on the pavement of a very quiet side road where I am in Georgia and included;

Northern cardinal
Grey Catbird
Eastern Bluebirds ( 3 - two males and a female, the males flashing their blue backs in the sun)
Northern Mockingbird
Eastern Phoebe
Yellow-rumped warbler

We watched them for quite a while.  The bluebirds' colors in the filtered sunlight was very wonderful!

Thanks for the equally wonderful post!


amy campbell
rockport, me