Saturday, April 23, 2005

Pale Male & Lola still sitting

Along with a great photo of Pale Male and Lola on the nest Lincoln writes on his website today:

They've been doing this for millions of years...they know what they're doing. Please keep the positive thoughts flowing for them!

Good advice, Lincoln. The perspective of time is endlessly important in thinking about these noble hawks.. Yes, they've been doing this for millions of years, many more years than homo sapiens has been around to take pleasure in them. Watching them live their lives -- hunt, soar, preen, make love, prepare a nest for young, look out for each other, stay alert to all dangers, succeed magnificently and, on rare occasions, fail --all this takes us outside of ourselves and into the timeless world of nature. Seeing their story in human terms plunks us back into our troubled selves.

Think positive thoughts about Pale Male and Lola, about the great park that has sustained them and their offspring for so many years and will continue to sustain them for years to come.