Saturday, April 23, 2005

Yesterday's report from Hawk Bench

Field Notes 4-22-05

Sunset 7:44PM,
Temp. 54F,
Scattered showers,
Wind ESE 5-10MPH,
Prey Tally-None reported,

All times PM unless otherwise noted.

Ric reports nest exchange, Lola off, Pale Male on,
approx. 12:30.
12:40 Pale Male down in nest.
1:18 He stands, beak down in concave.
1:22 Half down,tail to bench, digs.
1:23 Head to N.
2:00 Pale Male stands in concave, head down...?
2:20 Lola lands on nest from N.
2;21 Pale Male off, Lola in concave.
2:22 Beak down, head to S.
3:43 Pale Male, Oreo Antenna.
4:44 Pale Male still on Oreo, Lola in concave of net.
4:51 Lola watches S.
4:52 Pale Male off Oreo.
5:11 Pale Male arrives N end of nest, with twig
w/green leaves.
5:12 lola up, flies Ramble trajectory, Pale Male digs,
looks down, settles head to S.
5:32 Pale Male stands up in concave and digs.
5:44 Pale Male watches S.
5:46 Pale Male alert to W
5:54 Full head up watches W, head feathers fluffy,
6:01 Lola to N end of nest. Pale Male off. Lola
preens, digs, disappears, then had up watching W and
N.6:03 Lola stands, shuffles back down, head to S
watching W.
6:20 Continues to watch W.
6:27 Gull flies on 927, Lola invisible.
6:38 Lola alert to N.
6:43 Lola down, then stands, bends over, beak in
concave for 20 seconds, digs, close turn, tail brushes
wall, head to NE, down.
6:45 Head now to N.
7:20 Pale Male lands on Linda 3.
7:27 Pale Male preens.
7:40 Lola disapears into nest.
7:41 Pale Male flies from Linda 3 and lands on Pin Oak
E of Favorite Roost, then switches to Favorite Roost,
a bit higher in the tree than was typical in winter,
7:46 Lola looks N then in semi-circlesurveys all
points to S, snuggles way down in nest.
7:55 Pale Male sitting breast to E, head is tucked so
if eye opens it will view nest.
Submitted-Donna Browne