Friday, July 29, 2005

Baby falls asleep in plain sight

7/28/05 --Photo by Bruce Yolton
Fledgling falling asleep with nictitating membrane closed

Field Notes 7-28-05

Last quarter moon,
Temp. 81F,
Humidity 52%,
UV high,
Wind SE 5-10MPH,
Prey Tally-mouse.

All times PM unless otherwise noted.
7:03 Fledgling sitting in a tree near CPW, the bridge,
and the far west restrooms.
7:05 Fledge up and lands near stone wall and near
squirrel, squirrel rushes the fledge, who retreats to
a tree still W of the path, but slightly nearer the
7:08 Moves to London Plane, Jr. arrives and perches in
tree S of Fledgling.
7:09 Fledgling to London Plane nearer bridge.
7:14 F. to Jr.'s perch, then Jr. up, numerous perch
switches, with constant begging.
7:22 F. hunkers down on branch. (First I thought it
looked like Little, now I'm wondering if it's Big.)
8:07 Jr. swoops after mouse on lawn, between Rest Room
and Columbus Circle.
8:11 Jr. to tree beyond curve, perches momentarily
where F. will later find food, then off and beyond
8:13 Fledgling's nictitating membrane closes, opens,
8:25 Jr. arrives with a mouse, perches in tree some
distance from fledge who does not beg.
8:27 F. slices.
8:33 F. switches branches within same tree and is
suddenly eating something? Where's Jr?
8:45 Last known roost for Jr. on Green Glass checked.
He's not in residence.
9:05 Return to fledgling's last known perch of the day,
extremely dark and unable to find if she's still
9:50 Exit.
Submitted-Donna Browne