Sunday, November 27, 2005

Two great duck pix and a PS to posting about Pale Male and Lola

When the migration is over over OVER -- though there was still a yellow-rumped warbler in the park last week -- and when winter is around the corner, Central Park birdwatchers' attention swings to the many different ducks that show up on the park's waterbodies every fall and winter. Among them are the two below. If you wonder what these ducks find to eat in Central Park, check out Lloyd's amazing photo of the Bufflehead..

Bufflehead -- November 25, 2005

Hooded Merganser - [female] - November 25, 2005

POSTSCRIPT to the previous posting discussing Pale Male & Lola's Fifth Avenue nest. To compare photos 1 and 2, it helps to click on each photo. That will enlarge it and make the difference in nest thickness easier to see.