Saturday, December 31, 2005

Can we do something to help Pale Male and Lola?

A number of website correspondents have sent letters like the following, from Pam Greenwood of Maryland:
I wondered if it might be worth quickly considering doing something to reduce the chances that the pigeon spikes will again damage the eggs this year. I realize it is not certain that was the problem, but it seems undeniable that the spikes were protruding into the nest last year. Could the inner spikes be removed and the outer ones left to hold the nest in place? Is any other solution possible?

Here is the answer I sent:

1. No, not undeniable. It's still a question mark.

2. Whatever it is, we absolutely don't have access to the nest. We'll just have to hope that this year follows the pattern of other years when the hawks had to build a nest from scratch: 1993, 1994, and 2005. Those years were failures. My idea is that the nest always needs at least a second layer. Then, and only then does it succeed. That bodes well for 2006.

Keep your fingers crossed .

And to creatures hairy or smooth, feathered, finned or scaled, flying, creeping, walking or slithering:

Happy New Year one and all.