Friday, December 30, 2005

The ups and downs of romance

The screech couple, chez-Gray - Dec. 22, 2005
Photo by Bruce Yolton

If you recall, the red morph screech owl used to roost in a tree up the hill from the Boathouse. The grey one spent his nights in a hole not far from the rowboat lake [the Riviera hole]. Then they got together in the grey owl's tree. Now here's the latest news of the screech couple, also [see previous post] from Jack Meyer:

The Red morph Screech was back in his old spot this AM. Not sure about the gray. I think it was scrunched down in the hole-- saw what looked like the very top of its head in the Riviera hole, but this may have been an illusion. This was early AM about 7:30; perhaps he will come out for sun later. Of course, maybe as they were flying last night one said "Your place or mine?" and the red said "Mine."