Saturday, September 22, 2007

Nosy Raccoon Cub Tale

Bob Levy, Central Park story-teller, sends in a little raccoon sequence:

“Hey, how can a raccoon get any sleep with all that noise goin’ on down there?”

“Ah, that’s better. Zzzzzzzzzzzz.”

Bob writes:
Hint: Enlarging the second image will enhance its effect and in truth may be necessary for the viewer “to get it,” so to speak. So enlarge away.

Confession: The images were not created on the same day but are from the same location. A single mom and her lone cub, the latter born rather late in the season, are the current residents of this tree. Recently I have more often than not seen the cub going in and out of this particular opening (there are at least four others in this tree) but I cannot say with certainty that it’s the cub or it’s mother in the second image.

Suggestion: For those who would like to see either of these two Central Park residents their tree is about thirty feet north of the Humming Tomb Stone close to the fence around the Bank Rock Bay construction site. Both raccoons have frequently been seen around sunset. If you go enjoy, but “Shhhh! Please keep your voice down just in case they are still sleeping.