Monday, March 24, 2008

Bye for now and PS about Parakeets

The harbor seal at 72nd Street and the Hudson River



Bye for now

Many thanks to Bruce Yolton --
for the great pictures of the seal, for many photos of Red-tailed Hawks all around New York City, and, last but not least...for the photo of a little Screech-owl peering out of its cavity that is featured on the book jacket of Central Park in the Dark.
I've made my final corrections and said Bye for now. You'll see it in June.

In regard to the Monk Parakeets and my recently posted note about their whereabouts, a few days ago Robert Schmunk, who lives near 103rd St and walks up Broadway every day on his way to work, wrote:

Marie, The monk parrots on 103rd St. abandoned their nest at Amsterdam about this time a year ago. They started on some serious renovations which involved ripping out much of their original work, and then they disappeared. All the twigs and sticks are still there as of today,unchanged.

By the way, Robert Schmunk has a frequently updated blog that covers local hawk nestings [the Cathedral of St. John the Divine nest, for example] and other nature happenings near and far. You can find it at