Sunday, March 23, 2008

Someone is mocking the Riverside Hawks

Tess Eliot writes on 3/18/07
  The little mockingbird who occupies the planting bed at the entrance at 79th St. of Riverside Park was singing his heart out today. He did the local cardinal, some starlings, some warblers--and what really made me laugh were some of the hawk calls. Ye gods--if I can figure out how to record it, I will. I have finally heard the hawks' vocalizations since they started mating (my hearing is a little impaired in the high ranges), which is why I thought one of them was up at the entrance near the nest. It was the mockingbird! I stood behind the tall bushes on the sidewalk and listened to him sing for awhile, and now I have generic mockingbird songs on my computer just so I can laugh remembering it. . .  I would love to hide somewhere when the female starts staying in the nest and see if that mockingbird doesn't make the photographers go crazy. It's really fun being an amateur sometimes!

Tess on March 17th

Photo of a Mockingbird in Riverside Park courtesy of