Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Heron vs Turtles-- a Murray Head photo story

Marie: Thought you might like to see this as as an interesting aspect of Turtle/Heron interaction behavior in a territorial context. Murray
1. Heron sitting minding his own business as turtle approaches for morning sunning on his preferred rock.

2. Turtle is confronted by disapproving heron.

3. Turtle is rolled off rock.

4. Turtle returns with his posse.

5. Heron appears annoyed by turtles trying to intimidate him.

6. Here is the good part... This Great Blue Heron... neck drawn down, tuft activated, actually expresses a look of... of...exasperation!

7. Yes. Look closely... that's it... Exasperation! (Probably the first time ever recorded in a photograph.)

8. He then continues to roll'em off the rock and look for brunch.

This series was taken on Sunday, October 4, at Turtle Pond