Sunday, October 11, 2009

Rare bird!!!

Sedge Wren in Central Park

Photo by Lloyd Spitalnik

Photo by David Speiser

Photo by Ardith Bondi

It began at 11:02 a.m, when Lloyd Spitalnik sent out the news on his listserv Metro Birding Reports, which is dedicated to spreading word of special bird sightings in the NYC area. He wrote:

Hi all,
Starr Saphir called with news of a Sedge Wren on the Great Hill. If you walk up the path from the Pool you'll see an area with compost and a tree that has been pulled out of the ground. Past that is a heavily vegetated area that's fenced off. The bird pops up on that fence.

A sedge wren is a rare and unusual bird for Central Park! Soon the excitement heightened as birders began gathering in the North Woods area described in Lloyd's notice. The obliging bird made appearances during much of the day. It was not camera shy, as you can see by the splendid photos above.

Tomorrow I'll post more information about this rare and elusive little bird, last seen in Central Park in 2005.

Meanwhile, it may still be there tomorrow! In case it chooses to stay in the same location , Ardith has sent in another set of useful directions:

The easiest way to find the spot in the park is to enter at 103rd St. and Central Park West. Walk up the 2 small flights of stairs and when you get to the fork take the lower walkway. Follow it around until you see hay bales lining an open field on your left. The bird was mostly in the fenced off vegetated area."