Friday, October 16, 2009


Lloyd, Lee and Murray [wielding the long pole]
Pictured above: Central Park's Feeder Squad in action at the Evodia Field a few years ago. These are the folks who get together one afternoon a week [for an hour or so] to put up and fill the home made bird feeders that help sustain the park's avian residents during the winter months. They comprise a vital subset of that cohesive group of bird watchers, insect lovers, owl prowlers, tree and flower identifiers [and many others] known as the park's "nature community". In Red-tails in Love I wrote a little love-song to the Feeder Squad [ p 58-65] and I cannot imagine the park without it.

Yesterday one of the squad's long-time members sent me an SOS:

It looks like the feeders may go the way of the dinosaurs. Neil, the guy who was in charge last year is no longer in NY. I've spoken to several people and nobody seems to be willing to take on his role. Can you help spread the news that we need a new volunteer for the job. It would be a crying shame if the feeders came to an end.

So this is an SOS to readers in the NYC area who love Central Park and birds and who feel, as I do, that winter bird-feeding is a tradition that has been going on for decades and must be preserved.

Though he can't volunteer for the job, Park regular Harry Maas has offered to be a contact person for anyone who might be available It's not a time-consuming job. The other volunteers are in place. We just need someone to be in charge and to help coordinate the once-a week, mid-afternoon feeder fillings. If you are interested, contact Harry and he'll explain just how everything works .

Harry's e-mail address is: