Thursday, December 30, 2010

Did the Varied Thrush survive the blizzard?

Varied Thrush -- November 29, 2010

YES! Two days after the storm, our rare bird was sighted by TOM FIORE. He sent his report to eBirdsNYC:

Central Park, Manhattan, N.Y. City - Tuesday, 28 December, 2010

That VARIED THRUSH continues in the area surrounding the eastern "Ramble" maintenance shed, however it is ranging from as far as Cleopatra's Needle (about 100+ yards north) to at least east and south to near the cat statue (the eastern-most point of the Ramble, along the park's East Drive, at about E. 77 St.) and west from the maintenance shed as far as 50+ feet. All that said, some sightings are continuing from the area just east of the shed (near the men's restroom) as well as by the edges of the field (south of the building) as has been so since the thrush's initial discovery and reports... also in the area are 2 male E. Towhees. At the Ramble's feeders, as many as 3 "red" Fox Sparrows are appearing as well as various other winter "regulars". The reservoir is still very open and has a variety of typical winter water-birds, including Northern Shovelers. At the south side of Sheep Meadow, a first-winter (non-red-headed) RED-HEADED WOODPECKER is lingering, just north of the 66 Street Transverse and mostly near the SE corner part of the path on the s. side of that meadow. A variety of other wintering birds may be seen in Central Park, with a lot of the ground-feeders easily seen in the snowy surroundings, just now. (That thrush, however can be skulking & is quite mobile - patience is helpful with it.)

The Varied Thrush was seen at about noon & also later.