Saturday, January 29, 2011

Mad & merry sledders and other snowy park scenes

Pilgrim Hill at E. 72 Street, , the best sledding in the city [statue of Pilgrim seen among sledders at top]

A merry sledder sledding

Two sledders sledding

Three sledders sledding

and finally...

Mob sledding [not bobsledding]

Meanwhile, watching them all:

An eager bystander [or rather byclimber]

All photos by Murray Head taken on 1/27/11

Elsewhere in the park, silence and solitary splendor:
Water fountain with Beefeater headdress

The unfrozen Gill surrounded by snow in the Ramble

Snow-blanketed benches

The Bethesda Angel with frosted wings

Bow Bridge

All photos above by MURRAY HEAD -- 1/27/11