Thursday, January 13, 2011

Wood Ducks by Murray Head

Photographer MURRAY HEAD writes:

Hi Marie,

The eBirds blog has made mention of the
two male Wood Ducks on the pond... so I thought
with the snow and ice it would make for some nice pictures:

There's one fitting in rather nicely with the Mallard Community.

Although diminutive, they gained stature by being on the Welcoming Committee.

They hold their own with the Mallards.

Sometimes they hang out together... but often not.

With food scarce even just a little frozen green is a snack.

Hows that for a Winter outfit?

When the Sun comes out they really shine.

I get "The Look" which means perhaps it is time to go.
... and so I do.

All photos and captions by MURRAY HEAD
taken in Central Park on1/12/11