Monday, January 17, 2011


Pale Male's new mate on nest, Jan. 15, 2011
photo courtesy of

I've been trying to avoid getting involved in the Name Game for Pale Male's new mate. But the photographer [and my friend] Murray Head has sent in a plea and a suggestion both of which sound reasonable to me. Here is what he writes:

Hi Marie,
Lincoln Karim [] keeps referring to Pale Male's new mate as "Palemale's new mate" I'm thinking that should change.


PS If "birdwatchers are again to name her, I like Ginger.. after Ginger Rogers who play the lead in the 1939 movie "Fifth Avenue Girl." I also detect ginger coloration in Lincoln's latest photos of the new Fifth Ave. female.

PS from Marie:

To strengthen his case Murray sent in an Internet photo of GINGERSNAPS.

Looking at the photos of hawk and cookies [above,] I'd say GINGER is a good name for Pale Male's new mate. It's a lot easier to say Ginger than to keep repeating "Pale Male's new mate." And it's in keeping with the pattern Central Park's hawkwatchers have set of naming a resident hawk for some physical feature -- i.e. overall color [Pale Male] or, now, the particular tint of the head feathers.

So, I vote for GINGER.