Thursday, July 26, 2012

Recent update on the baby hawk

Baby hawk taking a bath while undergoing rehabilitation. Photo courtesy of

Yesterday Murray Head sent me an update on the situation of the baby hawk currently being treated by Cathy St. Pierre, a wildlife rehabilitator [see yesterday's post]:

Dear Marie,

I understand that the young hawk in Cathy's care is feeling better.
Which is great news... I am so deeply appreciative of what Cathy and Bobby do as the most dedicated wildlife rehabilitators.

I hope it will be released in a place other than Central Park where it will not re-exposed.

Getting to help the other sick young hawk is a problem as he is currently perched out of reach. But the problem could get a lot worse.: Read this current news report:

"The Rats are back with a vengeance on the upper West Side"

At that meeting, solutions for dealing with the rat problem should be proposed only if they are not harmful to other Central Park wildlife . Poison (even the legal kind) should be considered only as an absolute last resort, that is, only if all other methods fail to control the problem. This meeting must be attended by as many concerned conservationists as possible.

As I understand it there are both legal and illegal kinds of rat poison, the latter posing a much greater threat to the wildlife, pets and children.
It is important to inform people that many of these poisons pose a threat to dogs and children. This information should serve to galvanize others who are not particularly focused on the hawks.


PS--A part of Cathy's report on her hawk patient's condition:
Our little feathered friend is being a trooper . He is eating well and is being a very good patient . He is positive for poison [ie, poison has been found in preliminary blood tests - mw] and is now on at least 10 days of medication. I am waiting for more test results which could mean a months worth of treatments