Sunday, August 12, 2012


... and 5 photographs to confirm it,  from photographer-writer Murray Head:

Hi Marie,

Looking back in your archives I find a Post on Groundhog Day-- Feb. 2,  2004:

"Though there hasn't been a groundhog [better known as a woodchuck]
to be seen in Central Park since 1998, if one were to show up today it would definitely see its shadow." 
One showed up today... August 12, 2012.

I saw him on the grassy hill East of the 59th Street Pond.
He seemed not at all concerned about his shadow,
he was concerned about his lunch.



Photographs by MURRAY HEAD -- Central Park, August 12, 2012

PS from Marie: The vicinity of the 59th St. Pond is exactly where the "old" woodchuck of 1998 used to show up. An odd lady known as Sister Marlane would be waiting for him back then, with nuts and various goodies for his delectation.   He always made a beeline for her as soon as he ambled into view from God-knows-where.